Formula Karts (10 yrs-adult)

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Single Seat Kart Driver are 10 years and up with a minimum height requirement of 1200mm. (Kids and Adults can drive in the same session)
Dual Seat Kart Drivers are 10 years + with a minimum of 1200mm in height. (Adults [18years +] will drive with the kids)


Product Description

Grab the gang and go kart racing at Kingston Park Raceway on the Monte Carlo track were drivers can test their skills against the tight turns and wicked Chicane and with the right amount of luck and good judgement you will see your name up on the leaders board with a best time of the day.

The day starts with a drivers briefing and then it’s time to Get in, Sit down and Hold on because in a Formula Kart on the 605 metre Monte Carlo Track you can hit a top-speed of 45 km/h
All karts carry the latest diagnostic equipment and we have the latest computerised timing software installed, the drivers can truly get a taste of what it’s like to race grand-prix-style.

We have sessions for younger and older drivers and even have mixed session were the parents can race alongside the kids and enjoy the party atmosphere all together.
Minimum requirements: Formula kart drivers must be 1200mm tall and at least 10 years of age to drive on the Monte Carl Track.

FREE MEMBERSHIP for groups of 5 or more (save $5.50 per person)y circulate around the in these Porsche Styled little convertibles.

Safety is our priority and these karts are equipped with impact protection, head rests and seat belts to ensure the drivers safety whilst they enjoy a day of fast fun and excitement. Please wear fully enclosed shoes, hire shoes are available on site.

Long Hair Policy: If your hair is longer than shoulder length please wear a Hoodie whilst go karting. The raceway will have disposable hoodies available for sale on the day of your visit.

Drivers must be 10 years or over and must be 1200mm tall.

Product Description

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