Kids Karts (5-9 yrs)

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Single Seat Karts Drivers are 8 – 9 years with a minimum of 900mm in height. (Kids Drive)
Dual Seat Karts Drivers are 5 – 7 years with a minimum of 900mm in height. (Adults drive with the kids)


Product Description

With prices starting from just $25 per driver, kids’ karting at Kingston Park Raceway really is affordable fun. All drivers are required to purchase a Kingston Park Raceway membership for $5.50 but in a party of 5 or more drives you will get a free guest membership.

Drivers aged 8–9 years (min. height 900 mm) can take full control and drive by themselves. See their faces light up as they complete their first few laps behind the wheel of one of the Porsche-style Rookie go karts. Watch their confidence grow are they begin to master the Indy Track’s banked curves and zoom down the long straights. The track is lined with bumpers and we’ve made sure the karts can’t go faster than they can handle, so they’ll be safe the whole time.

Drivers aged 5–7 years (min. height 900 mm) can ride in one of our great Dual Seat Karts. They’ll be driven by an adult (18 years or older) in a dual-seat go kart. The pedals are operated by the adult and the kids have their own steering wheel and can assist you with the driving whilst enjoying a real go karting experience.

Safety is our priority and these karts are equipped with impact protection, head rests and seat belts to ensure the drivers safety whilst they enjoy a day of fast fun and excitement. Please wear fully enclosed shoes, hire shoes are available on site.

Long Hair Policy: If your hair is longer than shoulder length please wear a Hoodie whilst go karting. The raceway will have disposable hoodies available for sale on the day of your visit.

Drivers must be 5-9 years and must be 900mm tall.

Product Description

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